loadnanttasks cannot load x86-Dlls anymore

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loadnanttasks cannot load x86-Dlls anymore


i've started converting a .Net 3.5 softwareproject to .Net 4.0. In the same time i replaced nant 0.85 with the new nant 0.92rc1. The project is build using msbuild with the target-platform 'x86'. We have some nant-tasks which are also build with this configuration. After upgrading to the new nant-version these nant-tasks cannot be loaded anymore.

The error message:
Failure scanning "D:\MyProject\Private.Tools.Nant.dll" for extensions.
    Die Datei oder Assembly "file:///D:\MyProject\Private.Tools.Nant.dll" oder eine Abhängigkeit davon wurde nicht gefunden. Es wurde versucht, eine Datei mit einem falschen Format zu laden.

This BadImageFormatExeption indicates, that nant cannot load this x86-dll.
After compiling for the platform "Any CPU" the tasks could be loaded again. But this made it even worse.
My Nant-Tasks are using some older COM-Dlls which can only be used by compiling my .Net Libraries for the platform "x86".

Also registrykeys are now really read from HKLM\Software and not HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node, which is also a Problem to me.

So is it possible to tell nant to run in an 32bit/x86 Mode? That would help me alot!

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: Im using Windows 7 Professional 64bit