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Micah Coletti

First… Great Tool.  I am coming from the Java/Maven world so it is awesome to see a tool like NAnt.   Our organization is migrating from using User/Pass authentication to various services to a Token base, where we issue secure tokens that can be used in the dev teams code base to get the need credentials at runtime. 


We are trying to use this token based process in our NAnt build scripts especially when calling the “exec” task where we want to execute a program on our Build servers under a different user account.  Example: we have a task that uses RoboCopy to copy files from the Build server to a NTFS share.  The build agent is running under the local system account and so we need to set the user info that runs the robocoy process.  I have been able to make this work by overriding the “ExecTask” adding “StartInfo” to the process that is being created to set the user, domain and password.  Ideally I don’t want to override the native “ExecTask” from the NAnt core but create a wrapper or something that would enable me to set the process StartInfo, or get this functionality added to the NANt core.


Has anyone tried this? Or it there a way to do this in the current NAnt core that I am just not seeing?   Also if there is not would anyone be interested in what I have done and see if this is something that can be added to the ExecTask in a future release of Nant?



Any help would be greatly appreciated




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